One of the most popular gifts during
America’s famous holiday season in the
month of December are electronics.

It is now very hard in this day and age to remain technology free. You may have been able to avoid it for the last few years but now your grandson may have gifted you with a precious iPad device. These are among some of the easiest advanced electronics to interact with and should be treated with a lot of care. It can be hard though to not make a mistake with an iPad if you have never really had an electronic device so fragile before. Here are a few simple ways to make sure you keep your device free from disasters.

Keep drinks and food from around your device.

One of the coolest features on an iPad is the ability to watch movies wherever you are just by being connected to wifi. You can watch movies in the comfort of your bed without having to get up and move to the couch downstairs with the TV, but this can become problematic if you place your snacks around your iPad. If your hot chocolate were to spill, then you may risk damaging your iPad’s motherboard and therefore have to spend money on an iPad motherboard repair.

Buy a case for your iPad.

There are many stylish cases out right now for your iPad. It may seem like a silly task of having to add an errand of stopping at the Target to buy a case for your iPad, but this step can prevent you from having to spend a whole lot more money on repairing your iPad from damage from being dropped.

Created an Apple ID right away.

It is important that you don’t skip over the task of making an Apple ID as soon as you get your new Apple product. This can be very useful if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation where your iPad may either be lost or stolen. The Find My iPad application allows for you to use your Apple ID on another Apple device to locate where your iPad is.